In the ever-evolving world of athletic footwear, one brand has captured the attention of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike: On Cloud Shoes. Renowned for their innovative design and remarkable comfort, these shoes have gained a strong following since their inception.

But have you ever wondered where these cloud-like shoes are made? We’ll delve into the origin and craftsmanship of On Cloud Shoes, uncovering the journey from concept to creation.

The Birth of On Cloud Shoes

The story of On Cloud Shoes began in the Swiss Alps, a picturesque region known for its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor lifestyle. It was here that co-founder Olivier Bernhard, a former professional athlete, found his inspiration.

Frustrated by the lack of running shoes that provided both cushioning and a firm takeoff, Bernhard decided to take matters into his own hands. Teaming up with fellow engineers David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti, the trio embarked on a journey to revolutionize the running shoe industry.

Swiss Innovation and Design

Switzerland is renowned for its precision engineering and commitment to quality, and these principles form the backbone of On Cloud Shoes' production. The shoes are designed in Zurich, where the team meticulously crafts each aspect of the footwear, from sole to laces.

The Swiss Alps, with their challenging terrain, serve as the perfect testing ground for the shoes, ensuring that they can withstand a variety of conditions.

Craftsmanship Beyond Borders

While the design process begins in Switzerland, the actual manufacturing of On Cloud Shoes takes place in multiple locations around the world. The brand maintains a global outlook, sourcing materials and expertise from various regions. This approach allows them to capitalize on specialized skills and resources while ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

European Excellence

A significant portion of On Cloud Shoes' manufacturing occurs in Europe, a region renowned for its heritage in craftsmanship and attention to detail. Countries like Italy and Portugal play a crucial role in producing the shoes.

Skilled artisans in these areas bring their expertise to the table, contributing to the meticulous assembly of each pair. This blend of Swiss innovation and European craftsmanship results in a product that seamlessly marries technology with tradition.

Asian Production

In addition to Europe, On Cloud Shoes also collaborates with manufacturing partners in Asia. Countries like Vietnam and China are integral to the production process, particularly for scaling up operations to meet the growing demand for these sought-after shoes.

The brand maintains strict quality control measures across all production sites, ensuring that every pair that reaches the market lives up to the On Cloud Shoes' reputation.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Beyond crafting exceptional footwear, On Cloud Shoes is committed to ethical practices and sustainability. The brand recognizes its responsibility to minimize its environmental footprint.

This commitment extends to its manufacturing processes, where efforts are made to reduce waste and energy consumption. Additionally, the brand ensures fair labor practices are upheld across its global production network.

The Final Journey to You

From the peaks of the Swiss Alps to the skilled hands of artisans in Europe and Asia, each pair of On Cloud Shoes undergoes an incredible journey before arriving on your feet. The commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability shines through every step of this journey.

Whether you’re a professional athlete striving for peak performance or a fitness enthusiast seeking comfort during your daily run, On Cloud Shoes stand as a testament to the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and technology.


In a world where athletic footwear options are plentiful, On Cloud Shoes distinguish themselves through their origin story and production process. From the dream of a professional athlete to the collaborative efforts of designers, engineers, and artisans around the world, these shoes encapsulate the essence of Swiss innovation and global craftsmanship. As you slip into a pair of On Cloud Shoes, you’re not just experiencing exceptional comfort and performance – you’re also becoming a part of a journey that spans continents and embodies the spirit of human ingenuity.

David Alexander
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